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Financial Management

MGM Accountants

Payroll/PAYE Services

MGM Accountants offer a payroll service involving implementation of the UK PAYE and NI system. Tax and national insurance must be deducted for each employee with regard to individual personal allowances and the relevant, differing tax bands. Companies also need to pay employers National Insurance to the Inland Revenue.

Most companies prefer to outsource this work, alleviating stress and inconvenience, not to mention time. MGM Accountants will calculate your employees’wages organise sick pay, maternity leave pay, holiday pay, pension contributions, working family’s tax credits and attachment of earnings. We have a full appreciation of current legislation and changes such as minimum wage and holiday pay amendments.

Bookkeeping – Management of Finances

To run any business successfully there needs to be a sustained effort to maintain reliable and highly accurate financial records. This is a legal requirement for which the owner of the company is responsible. A professional bookkeeping service will keep you on top and in control of your business by highlighting areas of concern or potential improvement. MGM Accountants will relieve you of this burden and will manage, organise and monitor your businesses finances using state of the art software.

From MGM Accountants you can expecta well presented set of accounts saving you money and giving you peace of mind.